The Science Behind Mature Couples and Bull Domination

What is the reason behind intercourse? While a big part is procreation, an even bigger part is sexual pleasure. It’s what we all want and it’s what makes us all happier. But sometimes a person who we long can’t give us a proper experience, even if they once could.

Statistically speaking most mature couples have difficulties in the bedroom for one reason or another. And that’s exactly why bulls are needed. As most bulls are in their 20’s and 30’s they can add their stamina, strength and fertility to the life of a mature woman.

Recent studies show that mature women, that frequently have intercourse with a Bull, tend to be a lot happier when compared with other groups. Having sex with a younger partner increases their social status and makes them seem as role models.

It is becoming more and more acceptable for mature couples to bring in a third member in their beds, which are almost exclusively bulls. The couples are mesmerized by the positive affects that this has on their relationship. They usually become more open, more in love and the bond between them grows stronger. And all because a bull has entered their lives.

The second a bull enters the relationship; the husband is moved to the role of spectator. All sexual acts are now exclusively between the mature woman and her bull. Even reproduction sessions are now only between the wife and the bull.

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